Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why Startups Should Invest in Android Application Development

An active Google survey has pointed out that current number of Android users worldwide has reached to a whopping 1.4 billion. These active users have additionally contributed to 1.5 billion apps downloading each month. In case, you have still not tried the Android platform yet, you surely missing the market opportunity for the growth of the business.

android application development

Android apps lead the way for business to easily connect to the global audience in one go. A thorough marketing of these applications additionally help increasing the business revenue. Probably, every business, irrespective of its size has either got the assistance from developers or hired an Android application development company.

Firms that have already invested in the making of an app that uses Android platform are likely to reap extended benefits in terms of revenue generation. While there are a number of such advantages that come along with the assistance of Android app development company, we have focused on some of the most important ones here.

Favorable platform for business

A great number of users are already there using the most innovative Android app development services. Choosing this platform seems an ideal way for the favorable growth of the business in addition to getting connected easily with the audience. These apps provide the best way to expand the business that too in the global hemisphere. Thus, enter into the world of vast opportunities and let your business benefit from app development for Android platform.

Exceptionally wide market

Android has already created a huge user base thus widening the market place exceptionally. As hundreds of apps are being launched everyday for different sets of audience, new companies can rejoice the chance of launching their apps in the Android market and gain easy revenue from the already established market. Your app will help you to bridge the gap between the audience and your trade. With this facility you can sell the business product, market the brand and do the required promotion with ease.

An affordable venture

Small enterprises lack funds and Android app development is there for the rescue. All that a business needs to do is to spend a little on the app development, testing and publishing the application in the app store. Even the license can easily be acquired by spending a little money. Thus, investing in this approach is affordable as well as well reliable too. It has got the potential to add more and more number of clients to the business that too at reasonable spendings.

Open-source app development platform

Android SKD is an open-source platform, which facilitates a way to change the source code by the developers at any given point. Moreover, developers can work on improving the functionality of any given application and then altering the codes later in the app. In addition to this, Android is the best platform for developing inter-application architects. Having all these sophisticated benefits, Android app development is paving the way for brand new companies to get their desired place in the market and among the users. 

Android dominates the market with nearly 70% of the market share. The platform is continually winning over the user’s heart in the best possible manner. Whether it is about promoting the business, branding the services, or getting a valuable place in the app store, no platform but Android can help in accomplishing these goals easily. There are a number of Android app development companies that can be hired for getting the required assistance.

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