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Know More About App Builders that Help you Code Functional Applications


App builders are the most reliable cross-platform tools that help users code functional apps that too without knowing the core coding. As mobile apps are making their position niche in e-commerce industry today, the demand of apps is growing in the similar manner. As apps are playing an influential role in boosting the business, it is obvious to wish for a mobile app for your business too. For the same, you need to hire a developer & hiring a developer for creating your app will of course cost you an arm and a leg. 

app builders

While a number of entrepreneurs and mid sized businesses may afford hiring a developer but it is a hard nut to crack for small sized businesses. Here comes the role of app builders. These tools are exceptionally well to use even you are not familiar with the coding and other such technicalities.

App builders are easy to use and most of these tools are available to on a free trial hence, it is effective to use app building tools and let your business get the benefits of the same. Here is a list of app builders that a non-technical user could easily use to create a functional mobile application.

List of app builders


BiznessApps has a wide array of 20 different templates that are best for creating apps for industries including restaurants, real-estate, etc. It comes with a free trial offer but charges are applied when the apps will be published. The minimum cost of paid version is $42 per month for a single app. It costs $250 in case you are choosing to become a reseller. Bizness apps lets you create apps as your own branding as it has got a 100% white level program. It has additionally got the benefits of CRM and a great library of video tutorials to simplify the functions for the apps.  

Oracle Application Builder

Creating apps with Oracle Application Builders is again easy. All that is required to kickstart the job is a browser. There is no requirement of downloading additional software as it offers a live design surface to the users with the help of which you can drag and drop the components to set the properties. The cloud service with the application is available with $100 per month for 5 users. Unfortunately, there is no trial period available for now.


With a block-building system, AppMachine makes it easy to create an application with live preview updates. AppMachine has got a frFuee version trial period that has multiple features & some of which are custom web services, custom, JavaScript, white labelling and more. It has two different versions, the plus for a cost of $99 and pro for $69. With a price of $99 and $300 reseller tiers are also available.  


QuickBase has been designed for the companies that wish to work together. As QuickBase offers 800+ customizable application templates, users get a wide range of templates to choose from. There are also ready-to-use business templates that make it even easier to create the app. The tool is one exceptional as it helps to automate your workflow, manage customer services, drive actions and insight of work and much more.


GoodBarber is an easy app builder to work with. It is user-friendly and has got a number of themes that help users create industry-specific applications. It has got 70 different themes to choose from. It has also got an app editor interface that has many connectors helping the users plug in content from different sources. One can upload photo, video, and podcast as well.


Como is there for you for building apps in different mobile devices. There are promotional tools that help promote the business. The company behind como is working on interface that could help users build their customer engagement with loyalty, push notification and customer loyalty programs. This app builder is exceptionally well for small businesses. Como has a free plan but it offers benefits for a very limited time period. The pay version for gold plan is $33 per month and for the platinum it is $83 for platinum.

In conclusion

The above-mentioned apps are counted among the best app builders. They not only make it easy to use the tool but also make the app development process much easier for the users. The icing on the cake is that users do not need to go deep into the coding to accomplish the app building job.

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