Monday, 6 February 2017

Things to Take Care While Considering App Store Optimization Practices


App store optimization practices are important to perform in order to let the users aware of the applications that have just been registered at the store. Marketers need to do a number of tasks with so much of efforts in order to register the app in the app store. For the developers, the most irritating element is to design app user page with a number of elements in it and getting to know that users are not interested in browsing through the same and are opting for not to install the app.

app store optimization

Visitors to the app store come from a variety of channels including paid media, organic discovery, viral channels and more. As everyone of these users have consideration different than the others and thus the presentation of your app in the app store will play a role in impacting the decision of the users. With the same reason, a better version of an application has got all the potential to increase the downloads.

Know the users first

Prior to designing the app store page, it is important to know what your users are looking for. Considering the element which could drive the audience to app download is another important factor, which a developer must think on. This methodology behind so much thinking is termed as “Design Thinking”.

Design thinking, basically is the process of gaining user’s attention across every step of app designing funnel. Only after getting the details of the designing process that your users are most familiar with, it is important to include the same in the app development process. It will help you create a journey that will maximize the user downloads. 

Optimizing app store for customized user experience

As soon as users land on a page, they glance over the same in order to decide whether or not to download the app. After going through the content for a while, the users take the decision. Along with the content other designing elements thus make the overall impression and impacts the number of downloads.

Thus, prior to designing the app, the most important concern is to use dynamic elements in order to entice the users. Additionally, the content needs to be engaging so that it could bind the users with the app and compel them to try for the services of the application. 

A brief about ASO tests

ASO or app store optimization tests are performed in order to identify if the icons and other designing elements have been correctly designed. Here is a short description on the app elements that must be checked sincerely.

Icon testing

Icon testing is probably the most important of all tests. Your app’s icon is the first line of introduction of your application to the users and thus it should be remarkable enough to impress the users. Having an impressive icon has the potential to be the marketing face of your product. 

Testing the designing elements

Besides testing the app icon, it is also important to test other designing elements including the app navigation pattern. The aim with the testing is to offer a superb experience to the users so that they might not come across any of the flaws. Thus, running an optimal testing session is most important. 


App store optimization technique is a way for improving the overall visibility of your application in the app store. It helps the users know about the application that has been launched in the app store. As thousands of apps are launched every single day, it is important to work extraordinarily to launch your app successfully in the app store. 

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