Monday, 23 January 2017

Exceptional Measures for Successful Mobile App Marketing


Having a mobile is like holding a business and for its successful growth, nothing but mobile app marketing measures can help exceptionally well. Marketing is a wider term that includes a number of efforts to be done with the right approach at the right point of time in order to take the marketing campaign to the next level. 

mobile app marketing

Being a user, you must be knowing the weightage of branding. If products are not branded or marketed well, users won’t get any information about the same and this is something that harms the marketing campaign of a product. Hence, it is important to do some serious efforts and invest your time for running a successful mobile app marketing campaign.

When it is about marketing, advertising on a number of platforms is the key. Be it the social media platform, creating a website or using the push notification technique, it is important to include all these advertising modes when your are indulged in mobile app marketing.

In order to ensure you are doing marketing the right way, follow these hacks for the same. 

Creating website

It is not a hack typically but having a website is important to generate organic traffic and letting the users know about your app. Websites are the best resources to generate initial user traffic. Asking the users about their emails at the time of signing up and using the same referrals as future leads will help the business to grow further. 

Let your website brimming with the details of the app, its benefit for the users and why it stands in the first place among the list of other exceptional apps. The key consideration is to explain the user the role of your app in making the their lives easier. In case they are convinced, it is directly going to benefit your apps.

Performing ASO

ASO or app store optimization is the technique of ranking your app higher in the app store. There are certain techniques including white hat as well as black hat SEO techniques that could help your app rank exceptionally well among other apps. However, black hat ASO techniques are not the right way of promoting an app

Textual and visual ASO are the two distinctive approach that can be used for performing the technique. Textual ASO is all about focusing on keywords, descriptions and meta tags. Visual ASO, on the other hand, is sharing app screenshots and app preview videos.

Managing reviews

Reviews play a very prominent role in delivering traffic towards your website. The more the count of positive reviews the more users you have. Because of the same reason, it is important to offer exceptional user experience through your app so that users can write positively about your app.

To get those much needed reviews from the users, make it your habit to ask about the services once you have delivered the same. Never interrupt in the user experience by asking them questions related to your services when they are still browsing or are in the middle of ordering something.


As we have discussed above, having an app is managing your own business and thus there is nothing better than supervising the same in the most professional manner. If none of the users know about it, they are never going to pay for the same that will of course harm your business in the long run.

Being the new age marketplace, Appdexa is focusing to build a platform where users can easily connect to the businesses that are providing assistance as the top mobile app marketing companies to the global audience on a larger platform that too affordably.

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