Thursday, 20 April 2017

Security issues that harm your Mobile App Development Process

App store is increasing in size with the registration of a every new app. Among all these apps, some get hacked easily because of poor coding level. While coding matters a lot, there are a number of other elements that should also be considered by the developers. One of them is protecting user’s information that is submitted through app registration.


On the part of hackers, they really work hard to crack even hardest of coding. This gives more emphasis to the fact that developers must focus on security concerns. As the technology is developing like never before, hackers have got new ways to get user’s information. The information that users feed with their registration for new app access is frequently used by hackers which is of course not good. And thus to cease such attempts.

Security concerns that developers must stop considering:-

Relying on platform security (built-in)

Even the safest operating systems are not immune to security concerns. For example - Apple’s iOS is considered the most safe as all Apple products go through a thorough testing. This does not certify Apple’s app being secured enough. Hackers may attempt to break through the coding. Android users, on the other hand, have a choice to rely on the reviews of other users to sort out good apps from bad ones. Both these OS have flaws of their own and the requirement is to give more stress on the coding. It is true that hacking attempts cannot be blocked but robust built-in security could help.

Utilizing pre-built codes

Developing codes from the scratch is of course a tiring task. However, when it is about creating a new app, it is important to consider fresh coding for the same. Although these pre-built codes can be used, but not in the similar way it is written. Such coding may create vulnerability issues. Make sure that you have done your part of research prior to using the third-party coding. It is ideal for the development of the app in the latter stages.

Missing on the thorough testing

Taking the testing phase lightly is one of the biggest mistakes that many of us unknowingly do. Testing of mobile application development features should be done thoroughly to keep your newly developed app secured from hacking attempts. Testing is the last phase which is also the last chance for developers to work on the mistakes they might have done. Hence, mission on this opportunity can be the greatest mistake for the developers. 
Forgetting to embed secure communication

Many apps keep a connection back to the server to keep the sensitive user information secured. While transferring the information to the server, developers must ensure the transfer of secured information. Chances are that information may be intercepted to an unsecured wifi, which is more of a loss. Thus, the key to remain secured is to use secured SSL library.


In order to take mobile app development process safely to the next level, all these elements can help greatly. Remaining aware of these issues is thus important to come out winningly of the app development process. Hence, keep all these consideration in mind for remaining safe with the approach.

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